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Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Feature Article On My Pinups!!!!

Editor Kristin Munro of recently spent the afternoon at my studio posing as a pinup. She enjoyed her experience so much that she wrote a great article on why she suggests giving the gift of a custom vintage pinup portrait to yourself or a loved one. Read the feature 31 Days of Gifts:Say Cheese.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Congrats to Cover Gal Angela!

Congrats to Angela a recent pinup client who was chosen as the cover girl for WMMR's 2009 Preston & Steve Totally Office Calendar. The calendar, which features many gorgeous gals is available online at WMMR or at one of the upcoming calendar raids throughout the Philadelphia area.

Here are just a few photos of Angela from her day at my studio posing as a pinup!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Print Orders

I am working non-stop on all the holiday print orders and will have all the orders mailed by Monday, December 15.
If you ordered any novelty items they will ship separately from your prints, still arriving before Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2008 Pinup Update

2008 has been a very exciting and very busy year at my studio!

So far this year over 250 clients have booked pinup photo sessions and have enjoyed their unique and fun experience being transformed into vintage beauties.

In between photographing clients, I did find time to take several special "high concept" pinup photos for my portfolio which I will be adding to the website in the next month - so keep checking back! These photos were months in the making and are inspired by some of my favorite classic pinup illustrations. A few of these new images will also be featured in a soon to be released book "For The Boys:Pinups For The Troops." The book should be available for purchase in November so ordering details will be posted here on my blog as soon as it is published. featured an amazing documentary on my pinup work which was chosen to be shown during the Digital Film and Video Festival in Cannes, France and the Editor of Philadelphia Maven Magazine, Michelle Denton, wrote about her day as a pinup for a feature article on the magazine's website.

In addition to all this I also recently tied the knot with my guy, Dave!

Life couldn't be better and I am eternally grateful that every day I get to wake up and look forward to "going to work!"
I love being a pinup photographer and having the opportunity to meet so many amazing women.
It is because of all the positive feedback that I receive from clients and from fans of pinup art that I continue to do what I do.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and keep checking back for my new pinup images which will be added to the galleries soon!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scheduling All Sessions into January 2009!!!

I am currently scheduling all sessions into January 2009 so if you would like to pose as a pinup in time for Valentine's Day then definitely plan ahead and book a session soon!

Available dates will book extremely fast as the pinups are very, very popular Valentine Day presents!

Friday, September 12, 2008


If you are a client who has posed or will pose for a pinup session on or before Sept. 30, 2008 I will need to receive your print order no later then October 25th in order to guarantee your prints will arrive in time for the holidays.
For clients posing in October this deadline does not apply to you as you will receive a different print order deadline date upon receiving your proofs.

Due to the high demand for the holidays print orders will take a little longer then the usual time 3-4 weeks time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Booking All Sessions Into December!

September, October & November sessions booked VERY FAST and I am currently booking all sessions into December!
If you're thinking of giving pinup photos as a Valentine's Day gift it's a great idea to plan early and book your session soon.
There is no better present (to yourself & your sweetie) then a photo of you as a Pinup!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Philadelphia Maven Magazine Article On My Pinups - you have to read this!

A client and freelance writer, Michelle, recently spent the day at my studio being transformed into a sexy pinup!
She was kind enough to write an amazing article for Philadelphia's Maven Magazine on my pinup photography and her firsthand experience posing in front of the camera as a beautiful bombshell.

For anyone who has questions, cares or concerns about posing as a pinup this is a great article for you to read.

To read the article please click the link below:


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Important ... if you want pinup prints in time for the holidays!

If you are thinking of posing as a pinup and would like to have your prints in time for the holidays then you must schedule your session for sometime in either September or October.
If you come in for a session in November you will have your proofs in time for the holidays BUT not your prints.

Dates are filling up fast so if you're thinking of the photos as holiday presents now is the time to book!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Photo Cover For Grimm Fairy Tales Comic Book - On Sale Now!

A few months ago I shot a cover image for Zenescope Entertainment's very popular Grimm Fairy Tales Comic Book Series. Well, the comic - Grimm Fairy Tales Special Collected Edition Vol: 2 is on sale now and features hard to find issues #3 Hansel and Gretel, #8 Jack and the Beanstalk, and #12 The Pied Piper together in one incredible 72 page issue. This is the second photo cover I have done for Zenescope Entertainment and will have a third cover coming out soon. If you are interested in purchasing this Vol. 2 Special Edition Photo Cover it is available in comic book stores now or you can order it along with the Grimm Fairy Tales Special Collected Edition Vol.1 (also featuring another of my photo covers) at Zenescope Entertainment

Not Sure What To Get Your Gal As A Present?

Gift certificates are always available for Half Day and Full Day Packages! The pinup sessions make perfect birthday, holiday, wedding, anniversary or anytime presents as it's a fun day of spa-like pampering for your gal and you both benefit from the results with some sexy and unique pinup photos.

When you purchase a gift certificate your gal can contact me at her convenience to schedule both her session and consult date so it's not a problem if she doesn't want to redeem her gift certificate right away!

If you want to surprise her with a perfect present that she will never guess and that will get you major points for a unique one of a kind gift then the Pinup Gift Certificate is the way to go!!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Booking Pinup Sessions into September & October!

As of now I am booking all pinup packages (Half Day, Full Day, Pinup Party and Pinup For The Troops) into September and October. If you're thinking of posing as a pinup in '08 and especially if you'd like to give your sexy shots as a gift for the holidays then I would suggest booking soon! The pinups are very, very popular holiday presents and as many of you know I will be getting married and going on my honeymoon in the fall. This means that there are fewer appointments available during the holiday pinup rush and dates are already booking super fast so it's a great idea to schedule now. Remember I do book 1-2 months in advance so you can never plan too early - especially for a gift that is so special and unique!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Pinups Soon To Be Published In A Book!

I am so excited to be part of an amazing pinup book, "For The Boys: Pinups For The Troops."

The book was first published last year by Rocket Science Productions and the 2nd edition will be out in about a month with even more pinup photos - including three of my images! The 156-page, glossy, full-color collectors edition will feature pristeen Gil Elvgren illustrations and photo re-creations by myself and other photographers from all over the country.

The three illustrations I chose to recreate are some of my all time favorite Elvgren paintings and my team and I worked very, very hard to get the photos to closely ressemble the original illustrations. Here is a sneak peak at one of the my photos based off of Gil Elvgren's "Overexposed."

Keep checking back for more info & photos. As soon as the 2nd edition is published I will have all the info on how you can purchase a copy for yourself or show your support by purchasing a copy for a troop overseas.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Enjoying her pinup experience

One of my favorite pinup client's Mayumi wrote a great blog about her pinup experience. She has posed for me several times and is an absolute doll to work with! If you'd like to see her photos and read a first hand account of her day as a vintage vixen then please click on the link below! Thanks so much Mayumi for all your support and kind words - we love you!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are your pinup photos on myspace?

If you are one of my pinup clients whose has placed your pinup photos on myspace then I would love for you to tag me in the photos! I know tons of you have placed them on your myspace pages and I now have a new tagged photos album on my myspace page and definitely want to add your photos to it! So if you'd like to be added to the album please tag me!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Have you emailed me lately & not received a response?

I have been having a few problems with my website & email recently - which many of you have written to me about.
The problem should finally be solved ... YEAH!!!! I have had an overwhelming amount of people visiting my website and emailing me over the past few months - which is a great thing - but all the traffic made my server crash! There was a large chunk of emails that I did not receive so if you have emailed me recently and did not receive a response then please email me again and I promise to get back to you asap! Also, if you're emails to me had been getting returned I apologize but I spent hours fixing the problem so Lunar Light Studios/ Celeste Giuliano Photography is back up and running and ready to handle tons of traffic!!!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Want to find out about Discounted Pinup Sessions...

... then join the pinup mailing list! I offer discounted one pose/theme pinups sessions every few months and advertise these specials to my mailing list. Since spaces fill very quickly within my mailing list I usually don't have the opportunity to advertise them on my website or on myspace. For your best chance to reserve a space for any one pose/theme discounted sessions join the mailing list. To sign up visit the CONTACT page of my website or click on the "Join The Pinup Mailing List" icon located above in the menu bar.

The Discount Pinup Sessions include:
- one look (you decide the theme/pose or we'll come up with an idea together)
- preliminary consultation to discuss wardrobe, poses, ideas.
- professional hair & makeup done at my studio
- vintage wardrobe, shoes, hosiery, jewelry & props for the shoot.
- 20-30 proofs of best selected images on private online proofing page
- one 8x10 print & one 5x7 print - 2 PRINTS TOTAL
- professional airbrushing & retouching on the final prints
*Additional prints with airbrushing and in various sizes are available at an extra cost*

* Appointments for these discounted sessions cannot be rescheduled *

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thinking About Posing As A Pinup For The Holidays?

I know it's early for most of you to be thinking about holiday presents for your special someone BUT if you'd like to give your sexy shots as a gift then I would suggest booking soon! The pinups are very, very popular holiday presents and as many of you know I will be getting married and going on my honeymoon in the fall. This means that there will be fewer appointments available during the holiday pinup rush so it's a great idea to schedule now - even if you aren't planning to have the photos taken until late summer or early fall. Remember I do book 1-2 months in advance so you can never plan too early - especially for a gift that is so special and unique!

Pinup Video To Be Shown in Cannes, France!

The video on my pinups was one of three videos chosen from across the country to be show in Cannes, France for a Digital Video and Film Festival...YEAH!!!!! features hundreds of videos from all over the country so for mine to be chosen is a huge honor. Of course, most of this is due to the huge talents of Josh Coyne, the super talented filmmaker who produced the entire piece. Watch out Cannes ... my pinups are headin' your way!!!!!

If you haven't watched the video yet then scroll through the blog below to view it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photos From Poster Signing At 93.3 MMR*B*Q

Kathy & Marissa from 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show had a long line of fans waiting to meet them at the MMR*B*Q.
Here, they are pictured signing my pinup posters from the event. They will be signing them at various events throughout the summer so if you missed getting yours at the MMR*B*Q there will be lots of other chances in the next few months to pick one up. Thanks to everyone who emailed to tell me how much you loved the posters - I am so glad they are a popular WMMR item!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

June Discounted Sessions SOLD OUT!!!

The two June Discounted Sessions are totally SOLD OUT!!! Spaces filled in less then 24 hours ... you have to act quickly for these sessions!

Thanks to everyone who decided to participate in the June Discounted Sessions - can't wait to work with all of you in a few weeks.

If you were among the many who were not able to get into these sessions ... don't worry ... I will most likely be offering another one in mid-late summer!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

93.3 WMMR Pinup Poster Available May 18th at MMR*B*Q

The first 1000 people at the door for 93.3 WMMR's 40th Birthday Concert, May 18th, at the Susqehanna Bank Center
will receive a copy of the poster below featuring my pinup photos of Kathy Romano and Marisa Magnatta from Philly's Preston and Steve Morning Show.

So make sure to wake up early 'cause you don't want to miss the chance to hang a poster of these luscious ladies on your wall - they're smokin' hot!

Discounted June Pinup Sessions!

Hey Dolls... Don't miss this chance to welcome summer and shed some clothes by posing as a perfect pinup during the June discounted sessions. Date are Sunday, June 22nd or Sunday, June 29th!

The June discounted package includes:
- one look (you decide the theme/pose or we'll come up with an idea together)
- consultation (in person or over the phone)
- professional hair & makeup done at my studio
- vintage wardrobe, shoes, hosiery, accessories & props for the shoot
- 20-30 proofs of best selected images
- one 5x7 print & one 8x10 print of the same pose (2 PRINTS TOTAL)
- web ready images of selected prints upon request for online use
- professional airbrushing & retouching on the prints
*Additional prints with airbrushing can be ordered at an extra cost*

If you would like to reserve a space please email me for prices and more info.

Hope to see you as a pinup soon!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WMMR's Kathy & Marisa Rock the Pinups!

Today, Kathy and Marisa from 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show spent the day at the studio posing as pinups! I love working with Kathy and Marisa - we all have a great time and they know how to work the camera as vintage vixens. The shoot lasted for about 6 hours since we did three different pinup poses - but time flies when you are having fun. I took over 400 images and have a lot of editing to do but I can't wait to see how the photos turned out! The best shots of the day are definitely from the set where both Kathy and Marisa rocked their pinup style while cooking steaks and hot dogs on a BBQ! What else can I say ... two sexy gals ... garters ... grilling ... use your imagination! Keep checking back as I will be posting a few of the photos on my blog within the next few weeks. Much thanks to my stylists Kirsten and Raina for working their magic and transforming the gals into pinup perfection!

Pinup video for

Josh Coyne, an amazingly talented filmmaker, recently visited my studio to film a piece on my pinup photography for, a video content company devoted to capturing young lifestyle and culture all over the nation. One of my favorite pinup gals, Courtney, was posing for me that day. She really worked hard  - especially on that vintage exercise machine - which we did have on for many of the photos ... how else would she get such realistic caught in the moment pinup expressions! Of course my stylists, Kirsten and Raina did all the makeup & hair! Josh's video turned out perfect - he does such great work. I am so excited to forever have such an awesome piece on my photography!

The Perfect Pinup Proposal

Congrats to Heather & Dan who recently became engaged during Heather's Pinup Session in early March. Dan contacted me hoping to not only surprise his beautiful gal, Heather, with a pinup session but also to surprise her with an engagement ring. Props to Dan for thinking of such a unique proposal idea!!! The proposal was amazing - Heather was completely taken by surprise - and the excitement of the moment brought tears to all our eyes. Myself and my stylists (Kirsten & Raina) were super excited to be a part of something so amazing and special. We wish Heather and Dan the best of luck!!!