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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Celebrating Her Cancer Remission With A Day Of Pampering & Pinup Photos

My team and I recently had the pleasure of working with, Heather, an amazing client with an even more amazing story.

Heather scheduled a Half Day Pinup Package in January as a present to herself in celebration of her winning battle with Cancer.
In September 2004, Heather was diagnosed with Leukemia and immediately placed in the hospital. She spent 4 months there in critical care, and went into Rehabilitation in March 2005. In her words, "after a long hospital stay I've gone thru hair lose - numerous times, weight lose, weight gain and a whole bunch of not so great stuff. But I'm still here, and I'm currently in remission." So happily, Heather is doing much better and as you can see looks healthy and beautiful!!

Her story touched us all as she "wanted to feel beautiful and be the center of attention for a good reason." My stylists and I were so happy that we could accommodate and provide Heather with "a great experience" and pinups photos to celebrate her remission. After receiving her photos Heather emailed, "I am so pleased with how my pics came out. I look beautiful! So thank you once again for my wonderful day and my beautiful pics. I'm definately going to do this again."

Heather, we wish you the best and can't wait to have you come back in again to pose!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More De-Luxe Pinup Images

The holidays and Valentine's Day have kept me super busy working in the studio so I have not had much time to update the Pinup Gallery on my website with all of my new images. Since the Valentine's Day rush is almost over, I will be working on updating my website galleries and will have lots of new images online soon as I photographed over 250 beautiful gals as pinups in 2008!

In between working in the studio and processing lots of print orders I did find time to edit a few more De-Luxe Pinups from 2008 that pay homage to my favorite Pinup Artist, Gil Elvgren. The images are based off of two of his illustrations entitled "A Splendid View" and "Aiming To Please." One of my pinup clients, Courtney, who first posed as a pinup in 2007 returned to the studio to model for these pics. She's always great fun to work with and we all just adore her!

I am currently editing a few more of these high concept pinups so keep checking back as the photos will be posted in the next few weeks!