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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WMMR's Kathy & Marisa Rock the Pinups!

Today, Kathy and Marisa from 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show spent the day at the studio posing as pinups! I love working with Kathy and Marisa - we all have a great time and they know how to work the camera as vintage vixens. The shoot lasted for about 6 hours since we did three different pinup poses - but time flies when you are having fun. I took over 400 images and have a lot of editing to do but I can't wait to see how the photos turned out! The best shots of the day are definitely from the set where both Kathy and Marisa rocked their pinup style while cooking steaks and hot dogs on a BBQ! What else can I say ... two sexy gals ... garters ... grilling ... use your imagination! Keep checking back as I will be posting a few of the photos on my blog within the next few weeks. Much thanks to my stylists Kirsten and Raina for working their magic and transforming the gals into pinup perfection!

Pinup video for

Josh Coyne, an amazingly talented filmmaker, recently visited my studio to film a piece on my pinup photography for, a video content company devoted to capturing young lifestyle and culture all over the nation. One of my favorite pinup gals, Courtney, was posing for me that day. She really worked hard  - especially on that vintage exercise machine - which we did have on for many of the photos ... how else would she get such realistic caught in the moment pinup expressions! Of course my stylists, Kirsten and Raina did all the makeup & hair! Josh's video turned out perfect - he does such great work. I am so excited to forever have such an awesome piece on my photography!

The Perfect Pinup Proposal

Congrats to Heather & Dan who recently became engaged during Heather's Pinup Session in early March. Dan contacted me hoping to not only surprise his beautiful gal, Heather, with a pinup session but also to surprise her with an engagement ring. Props to Dan for thinking of such a unique proposal idea!!! The proposal was amazing - Heather was completely taken by surprise - and the excitement of the moment brought tears to all our eyes. Myself and my stylists (Kirsten & Raina) were super excited to be a part of something so amazing and special. We wish Heather and Dan the best of luck!!!