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Friday, March 16, 2012

A One Of A Kind Pinup Collage From My Talented Client, Blair Barbour!

Blair and I with her artwork.

It's not everyday that I receive pinup presents from clients but recently one of my regular pinup clients, artist Blair Barbour gave me a one of a kind piece of pinup art!!!!

Blair creates amazing collages and I was speechless when she came to the studio for a Pinup Party, to celebrate her sister Erin's recent marriage,  with a giant gift bag filled with goodies just for me!  As many of you know I have a large collection of vintage pinup and girlie collectibles but to receive this unique, handmade piece of pinup art present really topped it all. 

To see more of Blair's artwork please visit her website...

A close-up photo of my Pinup Girl Collage by Blair.

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