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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Sweetest Cupcake in Town

Flying Monkey Patisserie, at the Reading Terminal Market, is famous in Philly for baking the most amazing & delicious handcrafted sweets. From cupcakes to brownies to cookies and cakes, the selection is amazing and their coconut cupcakes make my heart skip a beat ... so yummy!

Flying Monkey owner & baker, Rebecca, posed as a pinup in late 2008, and recently posted her pinup pic on the patisserie's website. Of course Rebecca came fully prepared to her photo shoot with freshly made Pistachio and Pink Rose cupcakes, that we featured with her in the photo. Rebecca was a blast to shoot and of course, my stylists and I couldn't wait to dig into the cupcakes Rebecca kindly left us after her shoot was over!

If you haven't sampled one of Flying Monkey's sweet treats then be sure to make a special trip to the Reading Terminal Market or visit the new location that will be opening in September on 11th and Locust Streets in Philly. Your eyes will widen with excitement when you see the bakery cases filled with every type of cupcake imaginable! For more info visit Flying Monkey Patisserie.

1 comment:

Mayumi said...

Gorgeous pinup, Celeste! And now I will have to check out the Patisserie. (Of course, I'll probably have to walk all the way home to the 'burbs to work it off! LOL)