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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pinup Party Package FAQ's & Updates!

As most of you know I offer Pinup Party packages for groups of gals which are great ideas for Bachelorette & Birthday Parties or for groups of friends, families and co-workers.

If you are scheduling the Pinup Party Package for a Bachelorette or Birthday Party then remember you are not only celebrating a special event with a group of your friends but each gal is also getting her own individual photo shoot and prints that she can then give to her loved one as a (birthday, holiday or anniversary) present or keep as a present for herself to remember her day as a sexy starlet for posterity. Plus, if you are planning a night out on the town after your photos you are all dolled up and ready to go with your pinup hair and makeup!

I receive tons of questions regarding this packages so below is a 
Pinup Party FAQ:

How many people are required to book the Pinup Party package?
The minimum number of gals required to book this package is 3 and the maximum number is 8.  I have recently changed these amounts and have yet to update them on the Packages Page of my website.

How long does the Pinup Party last?
The length of time for your Pinup Party will depend in the amount of gals participating.
For 3-4 gals you will be at the studio for about 5-6 hours total and for larger groups of 5 or more you could be at the studio for 7-9 hours so expect to spend anywhere from a half to a full day at the studio.

What does the day entail?
During the day everyone will get professional hair and makeup as well as their own photo shoot in a theme/set of their choice. At the end of the day I can also take group photos of all the gals dressed as pinups. My stylists and I pride ourselves on providing you with professional work as well as giving you a fun and relaxing day of pinup pampering.

How do the consults work for the Pinup Parties?
Each gal gets a consultation which can be done in person at my studio or via the phone. You can schedule the consult individually, in pairs or as a group. If you are scheduling the consultation as a group I ask no more than 4 people come to the studio at a time.

Can we bring food/drink to the studio?
Yes, you are more then welcome to bring food/drinks. I have a full kitchen in the studio with a large refrigerator for you to use. If you bring alcohol with you I just ask that you do not bring an excessive amount. One drink to loosen up for the photos is fine but we still want everyone to be steady on their feet and looking good for the photos. If for any reason someone would become intoxicated and disruptive your party will be asked to leave.

If we have a large group, do we all need to come to the studio at the same time the day of the session?
No, I can schedule the gals in your party at specific times throughout the day in case not everyone can come together due to work etc. I usually like to have at least 2 people from your party in the studio at a time so that my hair stylist & makeup artist can each simultaneously work on a gal.

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