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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pregnancy Pinups - A Perfect Memento!!!

One of our "Pinup Regulars" & favorite clients, Amber, who is over 81/2 months pregnant, celebrated the event by posing as a Pinup in January - about 2 months before her due date of March 17!

I was so excited to photograph this set as I couldn't think of a more perfect pregnancy photo! Amber brought in the baby clothes she had purchased for her son to be, Kade, and wanted to pose hanging them on the clothesline. The photos turned out great and I just love that Amber wanted to remember her pregnancy with these photos!

The pinups are not only a fun and unique way to celebrate your pregnancy but are also a great gift to yourself. While at the studio it is our goal to not only pamper you for the day with professional hair, makeup and photos but also to make you look and feel like the sexy, glamorous woman you are. So take some time before the baby arrives to pamper yourself!

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Mayumi said...

That is an awesome idea! :D